Trial 102 – Arguing to Win at Trial


Trial 102  is vital is you are representing yourself at a civil or family trial!   Preparing an effective case and arguing in the courtroom is not as easy as it looks on t.v., and can win or lose your case!   Your experienced presented will explain what you can expect at Trial and will offer tips to help you succeed.

This intensive 2-hour seminar includes role-play exercises that prepare you for the courtroom, as well as a question and answer period, and explains:

  • what to file before your trial, when and by whom;
  • what to do and expect in the courtroom;
  • how to address counsel and the Judge;
  • how trials run ( who goes first and about organizing your case);
  • how to question a witness or present evidence;
  • what you can/not do when questioning witnesses;
  • what a judge will expect from you;
  • about written argument and caselaw;
  • strategies for advancing successful oral argument;
  • what to wear

Enrollment is limited to ensure you receive individualized feedback.

Trial 102 builds upon the foundational information covered in Trial 101.  To get the most out of Trial 102, participants are strongly urged to complete Trial 101 in advance of attending.

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