"I began my legal battle with very little knowledge of the justice system. I support your idea of establishing a legal education and training company. It is a step towards giving the public access to information and training that will help them to better understand and maneuver the legal system."

- J.H.

"Offering pubic info/workshops ... would be so helpful and reach so many, often in times of crisis. The legal system can be overwhelming... so this approach is very comforting."

- A.W.

"The idea of helping people like myself, who can’t afford the legal battle and maintain a household, by providing alternatives is right on track! Just keep up what you are doing and do so well!"

- J.L.

"Your legal training and options idea sounds great. Legal processes are daunting and the more that you can break them down into understandable language and make it less intimidating to people, the better for all."

- T.D. & C.M.