Introduction to Family Court


Everything you need to know about family court – including, what you need to consider when you are filing for divorce, support, property division, and other claims.

This 1 hour seminar includes a question and answer period, and explains:

  • the Manitoba Court of Queens Bench Rules simplified;
  • filing a petition/petition for divorce, including how to complete one;
  • filing a response to Petition/Petition for Divorce;
  • filing and securing financial information from the other party;
  • filing and serving documents;
  • what is a case conference, motion, trial, and when they are needed;
  • the role of judges and opposing counsel;
  • your obligations if you are self represented;
  • considerations for hiring a lawyer – including for specific tasks only.

Emphasis will be on The Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Rules in the family law context, what they mean, what you need to know, and how they impact your case.

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