Trial 101 – Planning a Winning Trial


Trial 101 is vital if you are  representing yourself at a family or civil trial!    Real life trial a harder than they seem on television!  Success in a trial is largely determined by the preparation you do  before entering the courtroom.

This intensive 2.5 hour seminar, includes a question and answer period, and explains:

  • Court rules and trial procedure;
  • who has to file what before trial;
  • what sort of evidence can be presented at trial;
  • who presents first at trial;
  • about opening/ closing statements;
  • how to get witnesses to testify;
  • how to issue subpoenas for witnesses;
  • about questioning witnesses;
  • making written submissions;
  • exposure for legal costs;
  • the effect of settlement offers on costs;
  • taking out orders.

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