The People’s Corner Legal Options  is a legal services company established by lawyers to help people deal with legal issues effectively and economically.  We believe that getting informed, understanding your options,  and resolving legal disputes should not cost a fortune.  We offer a wide range of reliable and affordable options for law-related matters, including:

Convenient Online  Modules & In-Person Legal Seminars that explain the law, your rights, our court system, and where to start with your legal matter.  Access reliable legal information, when you need it, without the stress and costs associated with hiring a lawyer!

Our intensive Separation & Divorce Bootcamp is vital if you are dealing with separation and need to understand your rights, where to start, and about resources for your family.

Power of Attorney Services we provide full or limited Power of Attorney Services for property and personal care, including on a temporary/respite basis. Avoid conflict, reduce stress, and protect your best interests.

Dispute Mediation is an excellent option for families dealing with separation, estates, or money disputes.  We get  parties together quickly and engage in a legal-based dialogue aimed at resolving issues and preserving relationships.  Our mediators are experienced lawyers who can help you work out agreements that are fair, economical, and work for you!   These sessions also meet the new prerequisites for family court proceedings!

The People’s Corner Court is a binding arbitration process where parties lead evidence and argue their case in a court-like setting and get a decision from an experienced lawyer who knows the law!  The costs are shared, the judge’s decision is binding, and the parties get the certainty of knowing their costs beforehand, that their matter was resolved fairly, expeditiously, and in accordance with the law. A great alternative to  expensive litigation!

Our specialized Legal Coaching Sessions are excellent resources for people coping with high conflict family, parenting, and consumer rights, and other legal-based issues.

Customized Corporate Workshops keep staff and clients informed, promote staff wellness, and help build client relationships.

Legal Options is an alternative and supplement to traditional legal services.

Legal Options is peace of mind.