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Legal Information Seminars

Our In-Person Training Sessions provide in-depth information about legal issues and court procedures. Our sessions run from very basic and short sessions too much lengthier, advanced and highly specialized courses on courtroom procedures and laws of evidence that people need to know to effectively represent themselves in court. The information provided to the public on our sessions is based upon years of legal practice and are invaluable to anyone presenting a case in our courts.
The costs of our In-Person Training Sessions vary and is based upon the length of the session and the scope of the content covered. All Sessions are reasonably priced and offer exceptional value for your money.
Registration for all of our sessions is Online through PayPal or in person, in advance by credit card.

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    All legal information and training provided by The People’s Corner Legal Options is of a general nature only. We do not provide and are not a substitute for legal advice.  Legal advice for your specific matter can only be provided by a qualified lawyer in an individualized setting, with consideration of all relevant facts.  If you need legal advice  or wish to retain a lawyer contact:  The People’s Corner Law Office at (204)691-5969 or

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