Parenting 4: Dealing with Bullying


Parenting 4: Dealing with Bullying is part of our Parenting 101 series.

A must for parents whose children struggle with bullying of any kind.  You are not alone!  Learn about this exploding crisis and what you can do to insulate, support, and protect your child.

 This 1 hour seminar includes a question and answer period, and explains:

  • what bullying is and the many forms it takes;
  • how this affects children;
  • about signs to look for;
  • about tools to help children cope and self-manage;
  • about parenting strategies that can help;
  • about the law and how it protects you;
  • about bullying in schools and your rights;
  • about community resources to help your child and family;
  • how to advocate and protect your child;
  • tips for working with educators and others.

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