Financial Basics


This Online Learning Module is a must if you are separating!  We explain the financial aspects of separation  and how to complete the Financial Statement (Form 70D) required by our Family Court if there are  child or spousal support issues or family property (assets/debts) to divide.   Understanding your financial situation is vital to negotiating a fair settlement!

This Module explains how to properly complete the Form 70D and:

  • Court of Queen's Bench Rules;
  • determining incomes and monthly expenses;
  • general information about valuing and dividing family property (assets/debts).

This module can be done at your convenience and includes a downloadable Excel version of the Court of Queen's Bench Financial Statement (Form 70D) and our step by step instructional guide, How to Complete a Financial Statement.

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Financial Basics is also offered as an In-Person Legal Information Seminar

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